I just happened to be there...

The new album is being mixed now, featuring many fine musicians. Will be launching late 2017 or early 2018.

Sometimes seen onstage solo, sometimes in a duo, and sometimes with a band (The Boltons). Musicians may include: Richard Grace (double-bass), Les Oldman (drums), Sarah Curro (violin), Peter Anderson (accordion), Jeremy P Martin (drums), Louis Gill (double-bass), Nick Charles (guitar), Shane Ryall (guitar), Tony Mazziotta (double-bass), Pete Fidler (dobro), Paul Jonas (violin), Reave Maloney (double-bass), Paul Tehovnik (guitar) and Emma Rodda Maloney (violin).

Sometimes on a beach with a camera

More about the albums:  
Dreaming and Dancing Trad & Now - CD Baby - Magnatune - iTunes
When I Cross the River Trad & Now - CD Baby - Magnatune - iTunes
Acoustic Caravan Trad & Now - iTunes
email: info [at] sensibletom [dot] com :::: also performing with The Boltons